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Roseann Eliseo is also the owner of Wedding Dance Boston. She  teaches thousands of couples Wedding Dance Lessons

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The Brain on Dance

Dance is therapeutic for individuals/dancers with Parkinson's and other motor-symptom disorders. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine conducted by the Albert Einstien College of Medicine discovered that "dancing can decidedly improve brain health". Dr. Peter Wayne, from the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, states that dance "improves strength, flexibility as well as cognitive performance".

Dancing is a joyful experience that breaks isolation. It is a fun, stimulating activity shared with individuals, caregivers and community.


Rx Movement / About Roseann

Rx Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the benefits of dance with individuals who have Parkinson's and other movement disorders.

Roseann Eliseo has trained with the Mark Morris Dance Company's 

'Dance for PD' curriculum in New York City. She presently teaches an Adaptive Dance Class for Parkinson's participants/dancers at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Outpatient Center in Medford Massachusetts.

Roseann is also  the Director of Wedding Dance Boston. She is a certified dance instructor with the National DanceTeachers Association.


Dance classes for Parkinson's and Movement Disorders

Experience the joy of movement in many dance styles including tango, waltz, ballet, flamenco and even show tunes. This is a social setting where we train our bodies and minds. Classes are modified to accommodate all levels and we encourage an enjoyable and safe environment. No prior dance experience is necessary. Participants may bring their own dance partner, but it is not required. We also have volunteers in our classes.

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